News (Non-Fiction) that was never made public-Until Now!

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It’s been 45 years (July 30, 1975) since my parents saw things they were never supposed to have seen. The abduction of Jimmy Hoffa as he was driven from the Machus Red Fox Restaurant around 2:30-2:45 pm. They would not go to the police, but for good reasons. It would remain a Long-Held Family Secret for decades. The story was finally revealed to the FBI in 2006. Then, it was passed on to the Hoffa family in 2009. A home video of Frances Tubman (1 of the surviving eyewitnesses) is linked within the pages of the book along with other links to FOIPA documents and other supporting documentation. The book promises to provide answers to what happened immediately after Hoffa was driven away from the Red Fox, and who drove the Mercury, where it went, what was happening as it drove side by side with the Tubman’s vehicle and what was waiting for Hoffa when he arrived at the next stop.

People who have been given this eyewitness account have said: “That’s amazing”, “The story’s got legs”, “Brilliant” and “Impossible.”

The FBI, Nationally known investigative reporters, Hoffa/Mafia bloggers, Hoffa family members and others intimately involved in the account.

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