David W. Tubman-Author

From David W. Tubman

I lived in and around Detroit from 1960-till 1976 when I moved away to restart my life on the West Coast. Like most Detroiters I worked in the labor unions that were represented by James Riddle Hoffa. My father, Ken Tubman also worked among the unions, but as a restaurant manager, he was the generally target of union organizers trying to get his employees to join the union. His run-in with the Mafia led to never reporting the things he and my mother, Frances saw during the time of Jimmy Hoffa’s abduction. Ken knew the fate of Hoffa even before the news. When the headlines first appeared on August 1, 1975 in the Detroit Free Press, dad knew he had significant information that could have cost him his life if he reported it to the police. So it remained a family secret for fear of retribution from the Mob.

The book gives a brief bio of the eyewitnesses, but as the book unfolds it examine what they saw against news and the FBI transcripts that had been a mystery since 1975. The details are described and the reader is given some recent news as well (3 days before the manuscript went to print). Learn which leads were reliable and which don’t fit the additional news provided. You may even believe just as the author does which is shared at the end in the Author’s Opinion chapter.

An interesting read regardless of your ultimate view on the story.

This is real news-not another frivolous tip.

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